The exhibition, guided tours

When and where?

FRESH WIND is back in Bern after four years of touring Switzerland and Germany.
The instruments are on display at the «Klingendes Museum».

Guided tours

Book your private guided tour in Englisch, German, French or Italian by e-mail.


FRESH WIND communicates research at the Bern University of the Arts HKB, Interpretation Institute.


Adrian v. Steiger, Jimmy Schmid, Daniel Allenbach, Martin Skamletz

Szenography and design

Martin Birrer Design GmbH, Bern: Martin Birrer, Malvina Lubec, Nadja Schaffer


Hans-Jakob Bollinger Webbear, Martin Obrist Solutionsbüro, Michael Flückiger, Ehrenzeller + Kovatsch AG, Plexal AG, schweres Metallbau