Meet an Expert

FRESH WIND comes to you: our experts offer short presentations and instrument demonstrations to explain their research topics and results. You can engage in discussion with them and try out the instruments yourself.

Duration: 2–4 hours
Place: At your place of choosing, or at the FRESH WIND exhibition (with a guided tour)
Cost: Expenses for the speakers (ca CHF 200.-, with reductions for universities and youth orchestras)

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  • Wind dynamic organ – with Daniel Glaus (HKB) and Johannes Röhrig (organ builder)
  • CLEX, the contrabass clarinet – with Ernesto Molinari (HKB)
  • Keyed trumpet – with Markus Würsch (HKB)
  • Horn, Classical and Romantic replicas – with Daniel Allenbach (HKB)
  • Trombones of the Romantic era – with Ian Bousfield (HKB) and Alex Schölkopf (instrument-maker Egger)
  • Ophicleide and keyed bugle – with Roland Fröscher and Adrian v. Steiger (HKB)
  • Further topics on request